#7806 Upgrade PHP on communityblog
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The WordPress dashboard on communityblog.fedoraproject.org says a PHP upgrade is required. From what version? To what version? Who knows?! WordPress docs say 7.3 is recommended but they support as far back as 5.6.20.

This is a low priority request currently, since this does not seem to have any impact.

I expect this is complaining about the old PHP in EL7. The version in EL7 is 5.4 which is no longer supported by newer versions of Wordpress. The fix would be one of the following:

  1. Move communityblog into the wordpress cloud and have them manage it.
  2. Move communityblog into a F30 container which would sit in the next generation community openshift cloud.

Either one of them will take a project plan and time to do and would probably be 2-3 months out.

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If we can move it to WordPress and still use FAS for auth, it seems like option 1 is the best (because it's one less thing for the infra team to manage). In either case, a 2-3 month wait would be fine.

I'll run this by the rest of the CommOps team to see if there are any strong opinions and come back to you.

FAS login is currently implemented by using the Wordpress OpenID plugin, together with a custom extension to automatically pre-fill the OpenID identity and submit the login form which is available at my Fedora People page.
It might be good to look at moving to OpenID Connect at some point, but that's an entirely different problem :).

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