#7801 Read-Write credentials for Jenkins on RabbitMQ
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by kevin. Opened 3 years ago by abompard.

Hey folks!
Jenkins will need to send messages on our AMQP broker, so it'll need certificates with the permissions to do so (in staging and prod)
@bstinson will setup those certs in Jenkins, so if you could send them to him in an encrypted email, it'd be great.

Sure, but should we call this 'jenkins' ? Or can we use something more descriptive like 'centos-ci' or something?

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3 years ago

centos-ci should work. For now this is targeted at the staging/test instances. But we’ll want production access at some point

ok. centos-ci is the cert name in prod and centos-ci.stg is the cert in staging...let us know if you need anything further here.

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2 years ago

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