#7740 RFC: Change MBS Koji tasks priority to default
Closed: Fixed 3 months ago by mizdebsk. Opened 4 months ago by ignatenkobrain.

Right now, MBS submits koji builds with lower priority than the usual builds. Previously, when modularity was in active development stage, it did make sense. But now modularity is not second-class citizen, but essential part (some packages are built only there, many modules are shipped to users as defaults).

Should we change it or is there reason not to?

While it is not a second class citizen... we do not have infinite number of builders and modularity is still a thundering herd which causes any of our build systems to crawl. Unless you can come up with a doubling or quadrupling of resources, I do not see us being able to raise the limits without it affecting both modularity and regular builds.

@smooge but I'm not asking about raising any limits, I'm asking to have same priority for module builds as for regular builds.

I'm fine with doing this... it just means when a bunch of module builds are going on they get mixed in with the normal builds instead of waiting until all the normal builds are done.

I doubt it's going to make things much faster, but we can see...

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4 months ago

It's been 12 days and I don't see any major objections, so I'm going to set the priority to default. If the new setting causes any issues then we can always easily revert it.

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3 months ago

Implemented in 615c28b. Deployed to both staging and production.

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3 months ago

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