#7721 fedorainfracloud.org: remove Deleting instances from `copr` tenant
Opened a month ago by praiskup. Modified 21 days ago

I'm trying to re-reqeest delete, but without success:

Request to delete server Copr_builder_387608433 has been accepted.
Request to delete server Copr_builder_555122077 has been accepted.
Request to delete server Copr_builder_855138299 has been accepted.
Request to delete server Copr_builder_565664433 has been accepted.

I think that it could help with #7711 as well.

Because of leftovers, all the RAM quota is eaten.

I've tweaked things so it's not counting all those deleting instances. I am not sure I want to try and clean them completely as that could cause further problems.

In any case you should be able to spin up more more (and indeed it seems to be doing so)

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a month ago

I believe we are back in the previous state, reopening.

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- Issue status updated to: Open (was: Closed)

23 days ago

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21 days ago

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