#7713 No delta RPM is generated for most packages
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Today I upgraded from f30-backgrounds-extras-base-30.1.1-1.fc30.noarch to f30-backgrounds-extras-base-30.1.2-1.fc30.noarch, but DNF didn't used any drpms and downloaded the full RPM package. Checking a mirror (http://mirrors.rit.edu/fedora/fedora/linux/updates/testing/30/Everything/x86_64/drpms/) I see that there is really no drpms for this package. And, the only change of this version seems to be a small change in an .xml file (https://github.com/fedoradesign/backgrounds/commit/f2211f80a36e661363c89627f6e5228201531d1d).

The package is 69M, but a drpm would be near zero! I wonder if Fedora drpm generation limit (--max-delta-rpm-size) is too low, or there is another problem. If the limit is too low, isn't it possible to increase it to a greater value?
Fedora Delta savings have been much smaller recently, and now I can see why. Its savings currently rarely is much more than 20%, while in the past savings of more than 50% was not rare.

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Well, certainly ASAP :P

I believe this is a releng tooling issue and not much with infrastructure (we provide the place where the files get dropped, they build the packages and the deltas). However I may be wrong here also.

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3 months ago

Thanks! I didn't know about the existing bug.

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