#7706 Container registry Pull statistics
Closed: Will Not/Can Not fix 9 months ago by cverna. Opened 9 months ago by cverna.

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I would be interested to know for each images how many pulls happened per month.

Not sure if we can easily have this information. Happy to help if needed.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

So, this information is in the journal on the registries. There's a ton of junk too though like other images that do not exist on our registry (since it just tries each one in order).

I don't see any existing project that takes these logs and generates stats, but there could be something.

Otherwise we would likely need to make it ourself.

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9 months ago

Ok closing this then for now if this is not super easy. It might be possible to do something with logstash and elasticsearch but I am not sure that it is worth the effort.

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9 months ago

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