#7696 Infra support for docs' internalization FAD
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Next Friday and Saturday (April 12th and 13th) we'll have a mini-FAD with @asamalik : https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/250

We'll probably need the infrastructure team to set-up something similar to what is done for the Fedora websites: https://infrastructure.fedoraproject.org/cgit/ansible.git/tree/roles/fedora-web/getfedora/files/languages.conf

What are the requirement and delay needed to set this up for the docs website?

Our pilot only focused on en, fr, cz and ja for now.

Thanks a lot for your help

Do you know in advance/now what you need changed? Just adding a language.conf file for docs.fedoraproject.org with those 4 languages?

If we can just set it up now that would be great. If not, we should be able to make changes for you pretty quickly if you know what changes you need.

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@jibecfed I don't think we need anything for that FAD. We have everything we need for the prototype, and we'll discuss next steps — and a set of requirements for production deployment — at the FAD.

thank you for your answer, good to know it's not too difficult to do. But if adam says it's too early, it means I was too optimistic :p let's close this request for now.

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