#7691 Rebuilt rabbitmq02 and rabbitmq03 in production
Closed: Fixed 4 months ago by kevin. Opened 4 months ago by jcline.

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The current RabbitMQ cluster isn't actually clustered. This hasn't been a problem since everyone was connecting to rabbitmq01 and the cluster wasn't behind a load balancer. Now that it is, clients that get bounced to rabbitmq02 or 03 get rejected because they aren't part of the cluster. I think the problem is that when they were first built they were not configured to cluster and once they start they won't auto-discover their peers.

While I can use the CLI to manually configure the cluster, I'd prefer these two nodes to be rebuilt to ensure the ansible playbook and role configuration is correct on fresh nodes now.

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Sooner is better as applications are starting to move to RabbitMQ.

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4 months ago

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