#7689 Build fedbadges into epel7-infra
Closed: Fixed 5 months ago by mizdebsk. Opened 5 months ago by cverna.

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Another small bug fix release of fedbadges, it now needs to be built in epel7-infra. It can be tagged against stg and prod directly.

scratch build --> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=33953226


When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

Whenever there is time for it, this is not urgent.

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5 months ago

python-fedbadges-1.0.2-1.el7.infra build already exists. Did you forget to increment RPM release number?

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5 months ago

Ah I could not remember if I did the build already or not. So it is just not available in the repo.

[root@badges-backend01 ~][PROD]# yum info python-fedbadges
Installed Packages
Name        : python-fedbadges
Arch        : noarch
Version     : 1.0.1
Release     : 1.el7.infra
Size        : 101 k
Repo        : installed
From repo   : infrastructure-tags
Summary     : fedmsg consumer for awarding open badges
URL         : https://pypi.python.org/pypi/fedbadges
License     : GPLv2+
Description : fedbadges is the python module necessary to award Open Badges from
            : fedmsg bus activity.  It installs a 'consumer' for the fedmsg-hub.
            : Each message it receives is compared against any number of rules defined
            : in config files on disk.  If any match, badges are awarded to the
            : appropriate users.

So I think it just need the repo to be generated.

python-fedbadges-1.0.2-1.el7.infra build is in epel7-infra-stg repo. Exactly what issue are you seeing?

Edit: I've moved the build to production. It should be available prod repo soon. Closing as resolved.

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5 months ago

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