#7676 Replace current mirror stats graph script with "velociraptorizer"
Opened 11 months ago by mattdm. Modified 2 days ago

Describe what you need us to do:

Current stats script generates images at https://data-analysis.fedoraproject.org/csv-reports/images/. This script requires manual changes from Smooge whenever
anything changes — for example, to add F30.

I've been hacking on https://pagure.io/velociraptorizer/tree/master

This reads a csv file from mirrors/mirrorsdata-all.csv and writes
various images to images/. As the name might imply, it also includes
various data cleanups for known anomalies. This gets me out of the
business of copying the csv file into a spreadsheet and munging stuff
by hand.

Can we put this into place to run instead of the current image generation?

Specifically, I'd love for the script to automatically check this out
of pagure and then run it, so that I can adjust the reports without
having to bother you again.

Also note that this includes rolling average as part of the graph
production, so the generation of that csv file can be dropped.

When do you need this? (YYYY/MM/DD)

I can run this by hand on my own system for now, but this is
far from ideal. Having this in place by Flock would be nice.
(2019/08/01, say?)

When is this no longer needed or useful? (YYYY/MM/DD)


If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

  1. I have to keep running this by hand rather than just checking
  2. Current script generating reports that don't have latest releases

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11 months ago

OK here is a plan on this:
1. Create a sysadmin-stats group. Put @mattdm in it.
2. Add that to the data-analysis01 group for login access.
3. Allow data-analysis playbook to be rbac run by sysadmin-stats group
4. Work with @mattdm to get this implemented.

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10 months ago

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