#7639 please remove retired packages from bugzilla components list
Opened 6 months ago by sergiomb. Modified 6 months ago

Description of problem:

Packages projectM-libvisual, projectM-jack, projectM-pulseaudio, libprojectM-qt [1] have been merged as sub-packages of libprojectM [2], so end user should not allowed to open bugs in retired packages as it happens today [3]

Therefore I request that components projectM-libvisual, projectM-jack, projectM-pulseaudio and libprojectM-qt be removed from bugzilla .





I think it's reasonable to close retired packages to bugs, but deleting them is probibly a bad idea.

I'm not sure if it's possible for our sync script to do this, but we can take a look.

Thanks for the report.

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6 months ago

A newbie user can report a bug to retired package [1], for example this one said "But, as Vashirov has the bug, and he is the master of all orphans, redhat won't be of much help." [2]

We should avoid zombie bugs I think



I agree it would be nice to close retired components to new bugs... but I think deleting them would be bad because:

  • Someone might bring the package back and want to see the old bugs and if they are now fixed.
  • Some bugs may be historically significant (ie, blocker bugs or bugs pointed to by discussions)

Anyhow, we will see if we can add something to close retired packages to new bugs.

I agree it would be nice to close retired components to new bugs...

yes, maybe do a bugzilla (new) feature, isn't it ?

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