#7628 bugzilla - change default assignee for cockpit
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The Fedora "cockpit" package in bugzilla still has a default assignee pvolpe@redhat.com. Peter has left the company over a year ago. As Red Hat Cockpit team lead and main Fedora/RHEL packager I (mpitt@redhat.com) would like to become the default assignee.

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Missing notifications for new Fedora bug reports

CC @dperpeet FYI

So, this is supposed to be set by a script that syncs from src.fedoraproject.org pagure. The 'main admin' there should be the one who is default assignee for the package, and all admins and watchers get cc'ed.

For some reason however, that doesn't seem to be happening here. This might be a pagure bug or... can you go to https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/cockpit and make sure you didn't select 'unwatch' for some reason?

@pingou any insight?

Hmm, this looks right to me:


The "unwatch" button has "watch issues and PRs" selected.

https://src.fedoraproject.org/extras/pagure_poc.json shows martinpitt has POC (for the rpm package, the maxamillion is POC for the container)

The CC list should be:

        "cockpit": [

Metadata Update from @bowlofeggs:
- Issue priority set to: Waiting on Assignee (was: Needs Review)

7 months ago

Yeah, I think the cc list is ok, it's the main assignee thats wrong. There's not an override... and it's wrong in extras/pagure_bz.json too, so I think pagure is generating it wrong somehow...

pagure_bz.json is the one generating:

        "cockpit": [

Which is the CC list, pagure_poc.json is the one generating the Point of Contact (ie: default assignee) and it points to martinpitt

Could the script simply be crashing or have trouble running?

ok. yes, the script was crashing on the modularity-wg group having commit on modules/cloud-init and modules/389-ds. The modularity-wg is of type 'tracking' not 'pkgdb', so I think that was what was confusing it, or perhaps because there's 75 users in the group and perhaps some of them don't have bugzilla accounts? I removed the group for now from those two projects until we can sort how to fix it.

Even doing that however, the script now completes, but changes don't seem to happen. I can see:

Assesssing bugzilla status for u'cockpit'
[EDITCOMP] Changing via editComponent({'product': 'Fedora', 'initialcclist': [u'pvolpe@redhat.com', u'mpitt@redhat.com', u'dperpeet@redhat.com', u'cockpituous@gmail.com', u'stefw@redhat.com', u'ichavero@redhat.com'], 'component': u'cockpit', 'initialowner': u'mpitt@redhat.com', 'description': u'Web Console for Linux servers'}, fedora-admin-xmlrpc@redhat.com, "xxxxx")

but nothing changes. I logged in manually using our fedora-admin-xmlrpc account and was able to change the owner from the web interface, so that works.

So, bugzilla is accepting our changes, but silently dropping them?

FYI, I manually changed cockpit via the web interface, so the thing that was asked in this ticket is done.

Still we should fix the script working before we close this.

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