#7627 Please regenerated gitolite configuration for my fork of FedoraReview in pagure.io
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago by mizdebsk. Opened 5 years ago by sergiomb.

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my fork of FedoraReview https://pagure.io/fork/sergiomb/FedoraReview

says all the time :

The permissions on this repository are being updated. This may take a while. During this time, you or some of the project's contributors may not be able to push to this repository."

This is an old fork, I don't need it, I'd like delete it, to fork again with all updates .
But also can't delete it , the option is in read-only mode !


We shouldn't be using Gitolite any longer. I will try to delete the fork.

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5 years ago

I've marked the fork as read-write. You should be able to delete it now.

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5 years ago

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