#7604 Problem with epylog dropping backtraces
Closed: Will Not/Can Not fix 16 days ago by pingou. Opened a year ago by smooge.

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Fix/replace epylog to not create routine backtraces on log analysis

Handler crash. Dump follows:
  Thread : Thread-27
  Module : /usr/share/epylog/modules/rsyncd_mod.py
  Handler: rsync_hosts
  Error  : 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'groups'
  Line   : Feb 27 23:10:39 people02.vpn.fedoraproject.org rsyncd[24098]: rsync on groups/virt/ from UNKNOWN (2001:da8:1007:4011::114)
End Dump
Handler crash. Dump follows:
  Thread : Thread-6
  Module : /usr/share/epylog/modules/rsyncd_mod.py
  Handler: rsync_hosts
  Error  : 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'groups'
  Line   : Feb 28 02:15:03 people02.vpn.fedoraproject.org rsyncd[10392]: rsync on people-repos/pulp/pulp/stable/2.16/7Server/x86_64/ from repositories01.geant.org (2001:798:3::121)
End Dump
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a year ago

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- Issue tagged with: deprecated

8 months ago

@smooge if this is deprecated, is there still something to fix or should we just close the ticket?

I guess we can close it... we do still use epylog. Perhaps it would be an easy fix?

I quickly looked at /usr/share/epylog/modules/rsyncd_mod.py and I can see two lines which call .groups() and which thus would fail if the regex they call returns None.

So it would be "easy" to adjust the line to check first if the regex returned something but I don't know what I should do if the regex returns None (raise an exception? return None?)

So if we want to fix this we may end up having to dig a little more into the epylog code to find out what it is doing, what it is expecting and what it can cope with.

So discussing further with @kevin on IRC about this.
It looks like the sources for epylog were on fedorahosted and did not get migrated anywhere when fedorahosted was sunset.

Since we don't like zombie movies so much and aren't exactly looking to maintain more application, we've decided to not poke at the dead and let it rest there, in its archive.

As such, we agreed on closing this ticket and keep looking for a replacement for epylog (which is already tracked in #7973)

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue close_status updated to: Will Not/Can Not fix
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

16 days ago

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