#755 Deploy our Trac and Moin setups with mod_wsgi

Created 9 years ago by lmacken
Modified 8 years ago

We're starting to use mod_wsgi for most of our TurboGears applications in the app cluster. The only problem here is that mod_wsgi and mod_python do not play well together.

In an effort to deploy bodhi on app1, I hit an issue where curl http://localhost/updates wouldn't even return. Disabling mod_python (and moin and trac) on that box solved the problem.

We should migrate our existing hosted and moin deployments (and anything else that uses mod_python) over to use mod_wsgi.

mirrormanager's mirrorlist_server would also be affected by this.

mirrormanager/mirrors/server-scripts/mirrorlist_client.py is the only mod_python bit I've got, and it's quite small. If someone could point me at a mod_python -> mod_wsgi conversion HOWTO, I'd appreciate it.


has my pass at a WSGI app for mirrorlist_client. Review by folks familiar with wsgi would be appreciated. Note - this is on mirrormanager branch mod_wsgi at the moment.

Wow, you're fast :-). We'll probably look at testing it with mod_wsgi tomorrow. Would you mind renaming "app" to "application" though? I think mod_wsgi will look for that name.

done and checked in. Note, this is also on the top of my 'security' branch, which has all the changes necessary for metalinks. So for testing purposes, let's give this a run on pt9, but don't try putting this branch into production until I'm back from vacation, unless you want to deal with any breakage while I'm gone. :-)

Trac is now deployed using mod_wsgi.

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