#7547 qa11.qa.fedoraproject.org is having disk issues
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by kevin. Opened 2 years ago by tflink.

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    Fix the I/O errors that are coming out of qa11.qa - the iDRAC says that the disks are fine but I had a lot of I/O errors kill install attempts and there are still a bunch of I/O errors post-install. I don't know if there are bad disks which need to be replaced or what

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    Sooner is better, we're working on getting Taskotron redeployed so that we don't have F27 machines yet but this isn't a critical system by itself

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    We won't be able to test our new deployment of Taskotron in our "dev" environment

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2 years ago

I see errors from virtual disk 7... I think that disk definitely needs replacing.

Disks 1 and 3 are also showing a alert of some kind... so I think we should replace all 3.

@codeblock any chance you could call these in?

I moved disk 6 to inactive because it was the first one causing a bunch of issues. It might be worth replacing that one as well

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2 years ago

I called it in, they sent us two for now (we had one marked pred-fail and one marked 'ready' which I guess is the one @tflink set inactive).

I'll have dcops replace those and if there are still issues, I can make another call.

I think those drives have been replaced now?

Please re-open if there's anything further to do here.


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2 years ago

Two were replaced, but unfortunately two more went into pred-fail in the meanwhile. I'm working on those.

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