#7546 Site tag for ada packages rebuilding
Closed: Invalid 2 years ago by mizdebsk. Opened 2 years ago by landgraf.

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    As gcc-gnat has been updated I have to rebuild all ada packages some of them has circular BR (i.e. xmlada needs gprbuild and gprbuild has xmlada in BR which is broken because of libgnat so bump). So it'd be good to have side tag (f30-ada or somehing like that) to rebuild all packages there and merge it back once it's done

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    All ada packages are broken and I have to spend a lot of time on waiting rawhide repo to rebuild them. I'm waiting for new rawhide repo for ~18 hrs right now and it's blocker.

Fedora infrastructure does not manage Koji tags. For requests like this one you can open a releng ticket.

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