#7491 Pagure: no public SSH key is generated when the Mirroring hook is activated
Opened 2 months ago by jhlavac. Modified 2 months ago

It looks like there's some problem with the Mirroring hook.

It's more than 30 minutes since I activated the hook but I still don't see the public SSH key.

First I saw it at:

Then I reproduced it at:

Yesterday it worked at:

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2 months ago

@pingou can you look at this?

I was traveling but that was my intention :)

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2 months ago

FTR, all the public ssh keys have been generated, I'm trying to figure out the root cause

I tried to use the generated public SSH key to mirror https://pagure.io/jhlavac/make-efi-bootable to GitHub, but without success. So I wanted to generate a new key (deactivate the hook and then activate again).

Now I'm back at the beginning - no public SSH key.

@pingou you have a new chance to figure out the cause ;)

@pingou you have a new chance to figure out the cause ;)

I think I found it, I could also re-generate your key successfully a couple of times, let me know if it stops working for you :)

Last week it worked, however I tried it only briefly.

But today the problem is back - no public SSH key ;)


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