#7474 2018-12-31 drop in mirror stats
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by smooge. Opened 2 years ago by mattdm.

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Check why mirror data drops off precipitously on 2018-12-31. For example, for F29:

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Need to be good by meetings at DevConf, but would prefer much sooner especially if there's a chance we're losing data.

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even more blind than normal in terms of metrics :)

Problem is due to year rollover... the code from early 2018 says:

# Because the logs stop at 04:00 we can only get 24 hours from 6 days before. 
### FIXME: This breaks around the new year.
egrep "${OLDDATE}" ${WORKDIR}/out-${OLDYEAR} > ${TEMPDIR}/watched-day

Guess what I didn't fix :smile: . Data has been condenced and rerun.

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2 years ago

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