#7454 Should old module-build-service RPMS be pruned from epel7Server-infra and epel7Server-infra-stg repos?
Opened 9 months ago by mprahl. Modified 6 months ago

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There are currently a number of old module-build-service RPMS in the epel7Server-infra and epel7Server-infra-stg repos. Should those be pruned for improved repo generation performance and cleanliness? If so, please feel free to only keep the latest versions in both.

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This is something likely we need to discuss... on one hand, it would be nice to always have the last few so you could downgrade if you hit something but likely we rarely need all of them.

We could also do rebuilds every release or something and only keep the ones since then.

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9 months ago

Presence of older builds in the repos is a consequence of implementing #7385.
Proposed fix: Enable garbage collection for infra tags - adjust koji-gc.conf to let koji-gc untag old builds and keep only the last 3 builds per package tagged.

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8 months ago

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7 months ago

I'm fine with koji-gc handling this. Can you make a patch?

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