#740 Loaning out system time to OLPC participants
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One of the common problems we seem to be running into in OLPC-land is that participants are not necessarily Fedora users, and cannot easily spin up the necessary systems to build software for OLPC. It seems like giving access to scratch systems would be really useful, not only in the OLPC case, but in other cases. I understand that some folks are already talking about this, and was just wondering if there was an update.

Response from OLPC

I think we're looking for a more secure, maintainable version of
teach.laptop.org -- a place where people who lack easy access to
personal or institutional Fedora machines can come and study the 'tools
of the trade' -- mock, koji, rpmbuild, make, spec-files, etc. under the
guidance and supervision of experienced Fedora packagers. (Conceivably,
an appropriate live-cd could be created instead; however, my feeling is
that the server-based approach would work better as a result of
increased ability to learn from the interactions of other students and

Naturally, OLPC would be happy to work with Fedora infrastructure or
packaging folks to bring this idea to fruition; however, it's a bit
larger than what OLPC can easily take on all by itself.



Is the end goal education or is the end goal packages?

im closing this. if a list of resources needed and how they will be used comes up we can reopen.

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