#7361 Signing infrastructure for aarch64
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There are now aarch64 systems that are shipping with secure boot enabled so we need to be able to sign all the parts of the boot path (shim/grub2/kernel) like we do on x86_64 now. To do this we need the infrastructure (HSM, smart cards etc) to be able to do this.

I'm not sure how the signing keys etc are setup, whether we already have enough smart cards etc so this is a ticket to cover all of the various HW/infrastructure components.

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Sooner the better but some what flexible.

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There's the possibility of being unable to run on some HW due to secure boot requirements.

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4 months ago

So, the bkernel x86_64 boxes are using smart card readers that attach via USB.

I do not know, but I suspect the moonshot chassis has no USB to connect to, so we would need to move to mustangs for building. Do they have USB?

@smooge do you know the hardware you got for this? we should be able to check the bkernel boxes.

We will then need @pjones to prep a smart card with the needed info on it and get it to us?

Yes, the mustang HW has USB onboard, we'd probably want to get SSDs for the ones we use thought.

The signing smart card fits into a USB connector like this

I think the SSD item you are mentioning is for a different reason? As in "We can possibly take the SSD's out of the ARM calxeda's to put in Mustangs at the next visit?" versus an SSD being used inside a mustang for signing.

@smooge I understand the USB smart card. I meant SSD in the context of storage to replace the slow single HDDs currently in the mustangs to speed up builds. We could possibly use the ones in the calxeda, but I suspect they're already quite old.

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