#7326 Staging Koji maintenance
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On Wed Oct 31 I would like to do some maintenance on staging Koji. During maintenance I am planning to:

  • reinstall db-koji on Fedora 29 (currently running on Fedora 28)
  • sync staging Koji with production
  • measure performance gains from enabling nosync (nosync would be enabled only temporarily during tests; once I get test results I will disable nosync and report them to release engineering and development for consideration)
  • update mock and possibly enable nspawn (I will test myself whether rpm builds and simple runroots work with nspawn; for testing other things, like compose, I would need cooperation of respective Fedorians or their ack to test things myself)
  • implement PoC of custom infra dist tags
  • optionally I can reinstall builders on Fedora 29, if there is such will from release engineering

Please let me know if there is any staging-specific Koji configuration that should be preserved, otherwise it will be lost during sync if it's not ansiblized.

The first 2 points are done (reinstall db-koji, sync staging Koji with production), but they took me way more time than I expected, so I didn't have time to proceed with the remaining points. I am planning to continue after 5 November. But staging Koji should be functional.


I am planning on reinstalling prod builders with f29 soon, it would be great if you could do the staging ones and confirm theres no glaring issues...

Status update:

  • aarch64, armhfp, ppc64le and x86_64 staging builders were reinstalled on Fedora 29, I didn't see any issues
  • ppc64 builder was left on Fedora 28 as ppc64 alt arch was discontinued starting from Fedora 29
  • s390x builder was upgraded to Fedora 29, but it didn't come up after reboot; I don't have access to "IBM Hardware Management Console" to fix it

I got s390x-01.stg back online with some help... should be all set for testing.

Staging Koji maintenance is done, I've completed all items listed above.

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