#7250 stg.src.fedoraproject.org: please create f29 branch for modules/minimal-runtime
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by otaylor.

In staging git, please create a f29 branch for modules/minimal-runtime - thanks!

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2 years ago

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Sorry, it turns out that I don't have permission to create component in staging PDC. Someone else will have to handle this request.

ClickException: A failure occurred while creating a new global component in PDC at https://pdc.stg.fedoraproject.org/rest_api/v1/global-components/. The status code was "403". The error was "{'detail': 'You do not have permission to perform this action.'}".

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2 years ago

I have created the pdc global component and I dont know what else is needed to fix this, please let me know if anything else needs to be done on pdc stg side


Current status:

  • Project has entirely been deleted from pagure database
  • But there is some sort of left-over of the git repository- 'git clone ssh://pkgs.stg.fedoraproject.org/requests/modules/minimal-runtime.git' gives an empty repository.

Can we get this and modules/banner recreated? Can we protect them somehow from future overwriting? If this doesn't seem feasible, I'll see if there are any roadblocks to testing with the full flatpak-runtime module sync'ed from prod.

So, The reason it's gone is that I did a full sync from prod to stg of git repos, pagure db and pdc db.

To "protect" it, we should make it in prod as well...

@mohanboddu can you recreate this in stg again now?

@mohanboddu can you recreate this in stg again now?


I think this is all done, please re-open or file a new ticket if anything more is needed.

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2 years ago

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