#7233 RFE: Machine-readable freeze flag?
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by ralph. Opened 2 years ago by ralph.

It would be nice to have a machine-readable flag to know whether we're in freeze or not. I'm particularly interested in this for greenwave, where we want to eventually get to automated deployments (including tests against Bodhi), but we don't want to automatically deploy if we merge a PR during a freeze window.

Perhaps status.fedoraproject.org can be modified to include a new flag that indicates if we're in freeze or not. The greenwave scripts could then be tooled to check that flag, and to only proceed with a deployment if it is false.

Other ideas?

Long term thinking it would be good to have this in the pdc replacement app with other stuff related to the releases.

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status is more a end user thing.

I agree the pdc replacement might be an ok place, although the freeze is really an infrastructure thing, not any global thing to the project.

So, I would propose: an ansible variable.

Would that work? We could probibly organize it so it's a single file...

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2 years ago

An ansible variable would almost do it. I need something I can query from outside an ansible run. A static JSON file deployed somewhere on fedoraproject.org over http would work. It could be compiled from an ansible var in the proxies playbook, or... on sundries, or... someplace easy to switch from true to false as we go in and out of freeze.

(We could modify the playbooks/manual/ playbooks to check this var on startup and prompt the admin with "do you know what you're doing?" if the flag is true.)

Well, you can query an ansible variable at https://infrastructure.fedoraproject.org/ansible/.../fedoraversion or whatever path we setup right?

But sure, if we think of a better programtic place for it now we could do that... not sure what that is right now though.

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2 years ago

Whoah, that's awesome!

Yes, that should do it. Thanks!

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