#7158 Planet Fedora doesn't have a valid certificate
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by sheogorath.

  • Describe what you need us to do:
    Get a valid certificate for HTTPS on http://fedoraplanet.org/

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?
    Missing transport security for our feed aggregator. (Probably described at best by Troy Hunt)

The problem with Fedoraplanet is that not all blogs that are aggregated there use https. As soon as Fedoraplanet uses HTTPS, browsers will not use the third-party plain HTTP content. This is also the reason why it is on a separate domain since fedoraproject.org enforces HTTPS for all subdomains. Maybe it is time to remove all non-https blogs from Fedoraplanet and make it HTTPS as well.

Right, what @till said. If we want to move everything to https (and we talked about this 2 years ago) we likely need to notify people about it and give them some time to update their sites.

I'll add the meeting keyword and we can discuss in our weekly meeting. (tomorrow).

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2 years ago

We discussed this at a meeting a few meetings back and decided for now we would just get a valid ssl cert and redirect the https version to http. There was someone working on this and providing patches to the list.

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2 years ago

ok, we now have this in place thanks to @aikidouke !

So, it has a valid ssl cert, but redirects back to http for now until we decide to pressure people to move blogs to https.

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2 years ago

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