#714 Remove hosted projects unmodified atleast for six months.
Closed: Fixed None Opened 14 years ago by susmit.

This is in continuation with the talk with mmcgrath. [[BR]]
Fedora have a policy to remove all hosted project which are not touched at least last for 6 months.[[BR]]
So need to find all projects in fedorahosted which are not modified for last 6 months and expire them.[[BR]]
We may like to have a look at both trac and source repo.

Attching the script for finding such projects.(Though unlikely, this may have bug.)

Hey susmit, any updates on this?

The scripts has been tested, patched and deployed.
Please make necessary announcements before we start removing the projects.
There may be a public unrest though. :)

These are the hosted projects not altered for last 6 months. [[BR]]
So they are the candidates for removal.[[BR]]
Any comment?[[BR]]


[susmit@hosted1 bin]$ sh find_old_hosted_project.sh 6 /srv/web /srv/git /srv/hg /srv/svn

These directories have not been altered for 6 months
/srv/svn/hardlink group: svnhardlink
/srv/svn/package-jitsu group: svnpackage-jitsu
/srv/svn/repoview group: svnrepoview
/srv/svn/ols group: svnols
/srv/svn/setarch group: svnsetarch
/srv/svn/authd group: svnauthd
/srv/svn/system-config-keyboard.old group: svnsystem-config-keyboard

/srv/hg/camelus group: hgcamelus
/srv/hg/passwd group: hgpasswd
/srv/hg/bodhi.old group: gitbodhi
/srv/hg/guest-account group: hgguest-account
/srv/hg/timeconfig group: hgtimeconfig
/srv/hg/LHCP group: hgLHCP
/srv/hg/virt-manager group: hgvirt-manager
/srv/hg/pam-redhat group: hgpam-redhat
/srv/hg/tmpwatch group: hgtmpwatch

/srv/git/splatbind.git group: gitsplatbind
/srv/git/system-config-securitylevel.git group: gitsystem-config-securitylevel

/srv/web/cgi group: root


any updates on this?

From the discussion which has happened, it looks like we can go ahead and remove the 6 month old projects if they are not touched within that period?

I'm going to go ahead and close this for now. I need to re-think it made the developers unhappy. It's good that we can scan for them, I'm not totally sure about what to do with stale projects though. I'm thinking about sending "annoyance spam" about it to stale projects that can safely be ignored or they can respond with the request to remove it.

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