#7138 Please bridge tg:@fedorazh <-> irc:#fedora-zh
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Please bridge telegram channel @fedorazh <-> irc:#fedora-zh within fedora-infra.

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No expiration date.

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We stuck with the current bridge (by TUNA teleboto), which has a somewhat high failure rate for bridging.

@jflory7: hope you can take care of this. It is a (late) follow-up to https://github.com/RITlug/teleirc/issues/52#issuecomment-392591058 Thanks!

yeah, we don't run any kind of gateway, but @jflory7 does. Hopefully he can help you out...

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4 years ago

Yes, I can do this. I haven't standardized the deployment method though yet.

@alick For me to set this up, I need some information about the Telegram bot. Could you follow these steps for creating a Telegram bot and adding it to your group?

Please follow the steps there to get the API token and the group ID. You can email me the API token privately (jwf dot fedora project dot org). You can post the group ID in this ticket.

Once I have those, I'll be able to set up the bot so it relays messages.

So, since @jflory7 has this in hand, I'll close this. Let us know if there's anything else we can do.

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4 years ago

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