#7125 RFR: repoSpanner
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Phase I

  • Software: repoSpanner
  • Advantage for Fedora: It will provide scaleable, distributed git repository hosting.
  • Sponsor: @kevin

Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV

Phase V

  • Year of the Linux Desktop.

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2 years ago

I've been remiss in updating this, but there's a lot of progress.

We have staging clusters up and serving src.stg.fedoraproject.org / stg.git.centos.org

We have a prod cluster setup, with only the centos repos in it for now.

We still need a number of things:

  • monitoring: Would be good to not only know the process is running, but that it's processing ok.
  • an audit. This will be tricky as patrick wrote this and needs someone else to audit it. If you know go well, give us a call.
  • sop still needs to be written

What's the status of this now?

We have run into a couple of problems.
1. The network link between sites is a bottleneck which seems to have caused degradation.
2. We are unable to remove hosts from a cluster once they are joined. So our slow hosts at osuosl are causing problems.
3. Scripting for mass-branches and other need to be rewritten because they assume ability to local branch and need new tools.
4. Monitoring is still not done. [See 5 and 6]
5. A ton of other projects are higher priority.
6. Burnout and fatigue are rampant.

Phase 7. We are not going ahead with repoSpanner and are ending this ticket.

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7 months ago

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