#7120 silverblue and containers subdomains
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(as soon as possible, ideally before end of July)

Please create the following subdomains and resources to manage them (resources and access needed are the same as for the coreos subdomain).

  • silverblue.fedoraproject.org
  • containers.fedoraproject.org


As discussed with @mattdm, we are now ready to switch over the Silverblue site to Fedora infrastructure which means we also need the appropriate subdomain. In addition to that, the containers subdomain is an access point for all projects previously covered under Project Atomic, such as Buildah, Skopeo, and other container-related things. We have documentation ready that we would like to launch on containers.fedoraproject.org and Fedora CoreOS docs will link to containers.fedoraproject.org extensively.

So to clarify, we would like to get that on the openshift cloud. I will take care of adapting the ansible thingy, we can reuse the coreos group. But I do not have access to the DNS afaik, so that part should be done. I am also unsure of what is needed quota-wise, hence the RFR.

I have added the domains to dns and proxies.

We just need the openshift definitions now (first for stg and then for prod). We can keep this open to track that work, or close it and I can just work with misc on it as his schedule permits.

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@kevin do we need status.fpo updates for services like these that are going in openshift?

Good question. It might be nice to have a 'Fedora OpenShift' section and in smaller print under it all the apps/sites we run there (ie, if thats down, all those would be too).

@sanja so, for silverblue, that should be quick, because I can just adapt the existing code, then you can switch the DNS.
However, what is supposed to go on the other ?


So I have this patch, but since that's a new playbook, I guess I can't run it for now, so I didn't tested it.

Ok so nothing fancy like multiple git repo trick as I did for project atomic, good :)

(even if I was quite happy with my hack, I need to get it stored somewhere for the future)

We need the fancy thing maybe for docs, though... so if you still have that and could apply it, I can create two docs repositories. It's just that the docs would be in ASCIIDoc and I still have to figure out how to make this work best. For now, this simple stuff is enough, until I've talked to more people who do docs and we make a battle plan - that won't happen soon and won't need implementation in miracle speed either. :D Thank you for the miracles so far!

Ok, so let me ask for access for more than 1 playbook, then we can discuss on the technical details of what is needed for docs.

Right now, the silverblue is "easy" to do, that's cut and paste.

https://silverblue.stg.fedoraproject.org/ is live, take a look.

@misc can you provide a playbook for the other app?

And which group should have access to run these 2 playbooks? sysadmin-coreos? or should we make new groups for these or use some other group?

I would say sysadmin-coreos, no need to over complicate the access. I will see with sanja for the other playbook once I can see if there is a different need that just 1 repo.

@kevin Looking good, that Silverblue domain. Once it's ready from your side, I'll switch over. That also means I won't have access to start builds, though. How can I do that? Any hooks or something I can implement?

We can do set a hook with a secret, I need to look at how that's done, I need to play a bit, but will likely requires someone to add some randomly generated secret on the private repo. I also suspect that we need a different one for staging and prod ?

I opened https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/7164 . I didn't manage to get enough time with Kevin and others at flock, too much work all around :/ (we did discuss of it, so I think none should be surprised)

I send the patch for containers to the list, with a FBR.

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2 years ago

Patch has problem applying that misc and I worked through. I am +1 to the fixed patch

+1 also here. Let me know if you would like me to apply / run it.

Thanks for smooge bringing this over the finish line and sorry for any delays.

Let us know if you need anything further...


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