#7107 RFR: RabbitMQ host for fedora-messaging
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  • Describe what you need us to do:
    The next generation of fedmsg will use an AMQP broker. We have selected RabbitMQ. It is an external, well-known, and reasonably trusted codebase.
    We would need two staging hosts to setup a cluster for HA purposes.

  • When do you need this?
    This week if possible, before 2018-07-23.

  • When is this no longer needed or useful?
    Hopefully never.

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?
    We won't have a staging setup of the new Fedora Message Bus for Flock and won't be able to fully demonstrate the setup during our talk and our workshop. App conversion during the workshop would also benefit from the staging machines, although it can be done without them.

@abompard and @jcline will be involved in the deployment and maintenance of the resource, abompard on the longer term.

Security officer: @puiterwijk

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV

I think we want to make sure:

  • We have 3 instances for the cluster.
  • We add this to ansible in a way that lets us use it for other services that may wish to do so.

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3 years ago

Yes. RabbitMQ supports virtual hosting, so it will be possible to have other services define their own AMQP configuration without impacting each other.

One more thing: all instances of the cluster must be on the same LAN (not WAN).

I think we want to make sure:

We have 3 instances for the cluster.

Yes, I think an even number of hosts ends badly with network partitions. 3 sounds good to me.

So this has been running in stg for a while now and I've started to move some apps over to the new library, so soon staging will get some actual use. If possible, I'd like to keep ahead of the apps and get the cluster deployed in production soon. I know it's a busy time, I just want to make sure this doesn't fall off the radar and become an "emergency" in a couple weeks.

The prod rabbitmq cluster was added a while back... it should be all ready to go. ;)

At the end of roles/rabbitmq_cluster/tasks/main.yml, an admin rabbitmq user is created for staging but none seems to be created for prod. Could this be done please, so I can create the non-admin users in the messaging-bridges playbook?
I can't do it myself because it requires the creation of the admin password in the private repo.

Looks like @puiterwijk already did this.

This is now done in stg and prod.



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3 years ago

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