#7086 fm-koji is spamming #koji
Closed: Fixed a year ago Opened a year ago by mikem.

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Adjust fm-koji bot to publish only pertinent messages to #koji, or failing that, disable it.

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#koji will continue to be flooded with irrelevant messages

We seem to be getting pagure notifications for unrelated projects (might be all pagure notifications).

Example messages:

[11:58] <fm-koji> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- cstratak commented on PR #3 on rpms/python36 https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python36/pull-request/3#comment-12083
[11:58] <fm-koji> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- cstratak commented on PR #3 on rpms/python36 https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python36/pull-request/3#comment-12084
[11:59] <fm-koji> pagure.pull-request.flag.added -- simple-koji-ci flagged rpms/python36#3 with "New build in progress for f35966cd" https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python36/pull-request/3
[12:08] <fm-koji> pagure.pull-request.flag.added -- simple-koji-ci flagged rpms/python36#4 with "Build in progress for 6a1140f3" https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python36/pull-request/4
[12:38] <fm-koji> pagure.issue.new -- dustymabe opened a new ticket dusty/failed-composes#521: "Fedora-IoT-29-20180710.3 DOOMED" https://pagure.io/dusty/failed-composes/issue/521
[13:56] <fm-koji> pagure.issue.new -- dustymabe opened a new ticket dusty/failed-composes#522: "Fedora-IoT-29-20180710.4 DOOMED" https://pagure.io/dusty/failed-composes/issue/522

This was setup in:


It's messaging on any fedmsg that has 'koji' in it right now.

What messages would you like to see?

@mikem any ideas here? Do you want me to try and filter it down to just the 'koji' pagure project?
Or just disable it for now?

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a year ago

@mikem any word here? Let me know what you want me to do...

Sorry, I've been on vacation.

I think for now, what I'd like to see is only pagure messages for the Koji project itself. That is, messages related to the koji-devel group and its repos, which are currently:

If that will take time, then please turn off the existing notifications in the meantime

ok. I think i have adjusted it to not report everything.

Please re-open this if you still see it sending too much and we can disable it and regroup...


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a year ago

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