#7017 Nice CNAMEs for waiverdb and greenwave
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Our current greenwave and waiverdb urls are... pretty silly looking. :)

It would be nice to have greenwave.fedoraproject.org and waiverdb.fedoraproject.org.

I'm not sure how to setup a DNS change that interacts with our openshift cluster. Any pointers?

Just an FYI, if you create a Route in OpenShift with an explicit hostname (instead of an auto-generated one) you can at least have greenwave.app.os.fedoraproject.org with no other change.

For my personal blog (running on OpenShift) I just pointed www.jcline.org at my OpenShift load balancer and added a Route for the www.jcline.org hostname in OpenShift. I expect the set up here would be similar.

Yeah, we did this for bodhi.fedoraproject.org, so you can look at it as an example.

I think we just need a website on proxies defined (so it knows to answer for it) and proxies to app.os.fedoraproject.org / haproxy.

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Will take a crack at this.

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