#6860 Rationalize waiverdb and greenwave buildconfigs
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by ralph. Opened 2 years ago by ralph.

They were written at a time when we weren't sure yet how we wanted to use the openshift cluster. It seems the policies are a bit different now. I would like to standardize them.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

OK. As an experiment, I put a greenwave image up at quay.io/factory2/greenwave and deployed it to stage, but I think I broke stg greenwave fedmsg messages in the process:


The fedmsg certs used to make it in through our Docker build process... but there's got to be a better way to do that at deploy time. Will work on that.

fedmsg stuff aside, I don't think the external build process that I push to quay.io is going to work. We're going to need auditable build logs, and I can't provide that yet.

Maybe if I set up the greenwave Jenkinsfile to run in ci.centos.org, and push to quay.io, that would do it? I need a nap.

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2 years ago

Freeze is coming up fast. I won't have time to finish this by then. Going to take out of "in progress" and will resume after F28 is out.

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2 years ago

OK, I've started this again.

  • Greenwave is done.
  • I'm doing a test of it with waiverdb now.

Last step is to write a SOP describing what's happening here before closing this out.

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2 years ago

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