#676 Add RSS plugin to MediaWiki

Created 9 years ago by duffy
Modified 5 years ago


It would be really cool if we could have the RSS plugin for mediawiki installed on fpo/wiki. I use this on my wiki and it's really handy. It lets you syndicate external RSS feeds in your mediawiki and keeps them updated. Here is the version I use:


The to-dos for this would be:

  • Package the RSS plugin

  • Install the RSS plugin


currently packaging, looks like it's EPEL compatible so I'll get it in infrastructure ASAP and soon in EPEL.

CCing ianweller to remind him about this since there have been a ton of other tickets about RSS extensions as well.

I should have a package committed and built in koji by days end. I did find the licensing to be a bit out of sorts and have asked one of the authors to license it with a defined license.


Is there still a wish for this extension?

This extension should only be to modify the feed, we already have a RSS feed:

Is this RSS feed missing any information you would like to see?

Sorry, I had misunderstood the idea of this plugin.

Is there still a wish for this extension?

This module has been added to staging.

An example is available at: https://stg.fedoraproject.org/wiki/CNetSecurity

This has now been pushed to production/main wiki. ;)


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