#675 Generic mail capability for FAS
Closed: Fixed None Opened 14 years ago by pfrields.

FAS needs a generic email capability. This capability could be used and built upon by other components, so that specific events trigger email.

An example would be the voting application -- at the time the election begins, that event triggers email to eligible voters as defined by the particular election. Another event might be, say, two days before the voting closes.

This capability, though, shouldn't be tied to the voting app, but rather available for any app using FAS. I'm sure there are tons of other use cases for this enhancement.

This might be more a thing for the message bus system in ticket #151

Just so I'm clear about what we're talking about we want a spammer? So the screen would include, perhaps, a list of all the groups in Fedora with check boxes next to them followed by an empty textbox. The would be spammer / emailer would type the text into this box and click submit.

Would we also be including opt-out for people? I'm assuming once the stuff is in place we could easily enable an xmlrpc / json interface to it.

I vote this to be a plugin FWIW, not part of the core of FAS.

I suppose we should offer an opt-out, but we also need to be able to ''override'' the opt-out in specific cases (like notifications about a Privacy Policy change, for instance). That could be constrained only to people in specific groups. We don't want to turn this into a redundant channel for mailing list email, but we do need some way of contacting every account holder in a specific group regardless of his ML subscriptions.

This is old and I'm wondering if we maybe fixed this another way --

I vaguely recall talking about GROUP-member@fedoraproject.org aliases. Did you know about them? Do they fit the use case you wanted?

What happened with this ? any news about this ticket ? :-)

I think that we decided not to proceed with the ticket as written. The GROUP-member aliases may work instead.


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