#6741 In osbs dnf fails to download metadata for a hour or two window after updates pushes finish
Closed: Will Not/Can Not fix 2 years ago by cverna. Opened 3 years ago by cverna.

I have experienced dnf failing to sync the repo metadata.

Here are thoughts from patrick about it

<puiterwijk> That happens just after pushes probably. Or, to be more exact: between the time
when the master mirrors are updated with new contents and the time that mirrorlist starts
serving the new checksums.
<puiterwijk> Because at that time, the master mirrors do not have the checksums that mirrorlist > is sending, so the master mirror is regarded as outdated

Note: this is inside the OpenShift build System.
That uses the standard updates repo config, but can't fall back to secondary mirrors.

Also, as noted on IRC, I have some ideas on how to fix that, but will look at that next week.

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3 years ago

This does not seems to happen that often anymore. Let's close for now and reopen if we witness the problem again.

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2 years ago

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