#672 Make VoIP page in FAS more useful - list settings in the table
Closed: Fixed None Opened 15 years ago by abartlet.

If the VoIP page in FAS was extended, with the (static) settings for the SIP server, proxy etc, it would be a useful 'one stop shop' for filling into SIP phones.

For example, extending:

VoIP Active:
VoIP Password:
SIP Address:
SMS Notification:
Not Yet Available
SIP Registration Server:
talk.fedoraproject.org port 5060
SIP Proxy:
talk.fedoraproject.org port 5060
SIP Outbound Proxy:
talk.fedoraproject.org port 5060
SIP ....

Include all the different names for these things, so that a simple user can just match them up with whatever their client or hardware calls them. Just add this to the template, just formatted like the rest.

This page should start with the general mandatory settings needed for any hard phone. It will be followed by a link to a wiki page where users can add specific information for their hardphones as needed.

Done on fad-ftalk, "client-generic" page.

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