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It would be really helpful for a lot of Fedora projects to be able to run user surveys. For example, Fedora Diversity doing a survey on user diversity in Fedora, and Fedora Classroom surveying students for feedback on classes.

Right now when people do surveys they use a free survey monkey account or google documents. I think it would be much better to have fedora host surveys in one place for all projects to use. One, because it allows people to trust that their information is not going to a phisher, and two because fedora would have that data under their own control and backups are much easier.

I realize this is not going to happen over night, but I think its something that will really help with gathering user feedback and making improvements in Fedora projects.

There is a self hosted FOSS survey application called lime survey: http://www.limesurvey.org/

It is written in php and runs with php version 5.5+ (version 7 recomended) and uses either mysql, sqlite or postgresql for the database. - https://manual.limesurvey.org/Installation_-_LimeSurvey_CE

There may be other solutions available as well.

There's a quick start for setting it up on Openshift (if we have access to Openshift) here:


FWIW, We attempted to package limesurvey long ago and failed.

The openshft-quickstart there is the old openshift v2 which is being retired completely in abiout 5 days now, so that doesn't do us much good. :)

We could possibly set it up in the new openshift... Once we have our dev instance up perhaps interested folks could work on that?

Yeh, that sounds good! Thanks :)

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Are we still waiting on the new openshift dev instance to be set up? If that's done, I'll try to get the word out to request someone to work on this.

Thanks :)

I think we are looking at a lot of things which need to be done for any RFR:

  1. Who is going to package up and maintain limesurvey as an openshift container
  2. Who is going to maintain this service and care for it
  3. What is the security of this package to determine where it needs to run (aka it isn't running inside near the build systems)
  4. What is the maintenance plan for this project (how are updates to the container made)
  5. What is the service level expectations of the users and what can Infrastructure meet (this second part is on us).

I can only provide some vague answers to these questions currently. We've been waiting for the dev instance to be set up, so the people that were interested in doing the work here will need to be pinged (if the dev instance is ready), and they will be able to provide more implementation related specifics:

  1. There are a few folks that have expressed interest, but I haven't followed up with them because we were waiting for the new openshift instance. If the dev instance is ready, I can get in touch with them again now and we can begin working on it.
  2. The same group of people that package it up I'd think.
  3. We don't collect any personal information in the surveys---they're anonymous---and we collect a minimum amount of demographic information. The results of these surveys would be openly available, so the security of the data is not much of a concern. Community members will log in using their fedora open ID accounts similar to AskBot etc. What other security aspects should we be looking at? (I'm clearly not an admin)
  4. The instance does not need to always run the latest release of Limesurvey. The current release will be used, and updated as needed. I do not know how much work it is to update the containers myself, so I can't comment on that bit.
  5. At the moment, I only know of the classroom and diversity folks using surveys from time to time. If we do have survey software, we may have more SIGs/teams doing them, but I would not expect us to have a flurry of surveys all the time. This is not a necessity---we're using Google forms at the moment, which put serious constraints on how we can work (apart from them being tightly coupled to Google accounts etc.)---and having our own survey software instance would be a "nice to have" addition to our tools.

I see that Limesurvey.org also provides hosting as a service, like Askbot does. Would it maybe make more sense to do what we did with Ask Fedora and get them to host a basic instance for us?


@mattdm @dhanesh95 @linuxmodder @sadin : comments/additions?

The dev instance is not yet ready, but hopefully soon.

I propose to close this ticket, now that we have communishift available it should be easier for members of the community to deploy this service there if they wish.

Yep. Sounds great to me. :)


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