#6547 Ipsilon instance on iddev.fic.o does not accept re-logins after expiration
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by abompard.

When I work on Hubs and at some point my auth session expires, I click on the "login" button, which sends me to iddev.fedorainfracloud.org. Ipsilon greets me with a 401 screen that says "Unauthorized, try to login again". It used to send me to the login form directly.
When I click on "try to login again", I land on the same page again.
When I click a second time, I get to the login form, and can login successfully. But then Ipsilon has forgotten the URL it was supposed to send me back to and displays a "providers" page.
I have to click "back" in my browser to go back to Hubs, and then click "login" again, which makes a transparent round trip to Ipsilon and I'm logged in to Hubs again.
It happens every time my auth session expires, and did not happen yesterday.

This had been caused by a misconfiguration after an upgrade and has now been fixed.

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4 years ago

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