#6449 [RFR] release-monitoring.org stage instance in Openshift
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by jcline.

At the moment, release-monitoring.org does not have a staging instance. I would like to have a place to deploy new releases before production and I'd also like to move release-monitoring.org to Openshift.

Would it be possible to get a release-monitoring.org project created for me in the staging openshift?


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2 years ago
  • created sysadmin-releasemonitoring
  • added it to rbac on playbooks/openshift-apps/release-monitoring.yml
  • added you to it
  • created playbooks/openshift-apps/release-monitoring.yml in ansible which created the openshift project

Should be good to go, add your YAML files in roles/openshift-apps/release-monitoring/ using the other apps in roles/openshift-apps as examples. Then include this role in the playbook and run it with rbac-playbook.

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