#633 Fedora TV Video Submission Form
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We've created a channel in Miro, Fedora TV, for use by the marketing team with things like screencast tutorials/video interviews etc and we want to make it easy for community people to submit their content.

To do this, we planned to create a simple web form that collects the users' data (Name, e-mail, video URL etc) and then sends that off to an e-mail address. This e-mail address could either belong to a single editor or a mailing list (the latter is preferred), so that we can check it's relevant before adding it to the main channel feed for all the world to see.

We have a simple script in PHP to collect this form information and e-mail it, and providing people don't think there are better approaches to this, we would like to get it hosted so that we can use it on Fedora Websites.

Feedback and help is appreciated :)

PHP script for e-mailing Fedora TV submissions

Following discussions on infra-list, would like to try this with a Trac instance:

Project name:

Fedora TV Submission Method/Trac for general mktg usage

Project short summary:

Way for users to submit videos for review before being added to the new Fedora TV channel on Miro. Will also be useful for future mktg projects so that we can take advantage of tickets etc and not be limited to the wiki!

Project admin Fedora Account System account name:


Trac Instance? (Yes/No)


A proper project name would be something like "fedoratv" btw.

Is there any chance of getting an ETA on this? There's no great panic on time, but would be useful for forward planning.

Thanks for the help,

I'm not even sure who did this but its ready



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