#6200 RFE: fill contributions graph on src.fp.o
Closed: Will Not/Can Not fix 5 months ago by pingou. Opened 2 years ago by ignatenkobrain.

I understand that it's not a priority atm and might take a while, but I would love to see contributions graph for old commits. Someone else also asked for this somewhere.

If needed, I'm volunteering to write such script.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

We now have the hooks and so ongoing activity is recorded now.

However, we still need a script to take datagrepper output and add it to the src pagure database.

@pingou could you point @ignatenkobrain in the right direction to make such a script?

Rather than datagrepper we would likely want to just browse the history of each git repos on disk.

I had something for this when we deployed that feature on pagure.io, I believe it's fill_logs_from_gits.py in pagure.io/pagure-utility.

It's going to be running for a really long time though :(

So, this just needs someone to run that script?

Or does it need devel work to get the script working with our setup? Can we test in stg?

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2 years ago

I've asked the default hook to log all commits instead of just the default branch (ie: master).

I don't think it's really worth going through all the existing repos to fill in the back log.

What do people think?

How long and what kind of systems would be needed to backfill?

To get the graph filled, we would need to iterate through every (active) branch of every git repos on disk an populate pagure/distgit's DB with the log of the commits.
I'm not sure it's worth it

It's been 2 years since this ticket was opened which means we've passed the window of the calendar widget, backfiling the info would bring nothing at this time :)

Let's close it then.

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5 months ago

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