#6160 enhancement request: upload files in Fedora PASTEBIN.
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Occasionally, I have a problem in Fedora that I want to seek help for in the Fedora Users list. I am not trained or experienced in systems administration. I am a home user using a home workstation. I sometimes don't really know what in a log file (such as journalctl logs) is relevant. I've had the experience in the past of getting that wrong, and that sidetracks the others in the list trying to help me. Putting a large log file or a large extract from a log file into a list posting is impractical (and seriously discouraged). Attachments are also not possible. It would be good to put a bigger piece of a log file somewhere where others in the list can see more of the log. Earlier this month I found out about "Fedora PASTEBIN". But I don't see any capability there to upload a file. Selecting and pasting a large amount of text into Fedora PASTEBIN is tedious and time-consuming.

Please add to Fedora PASTEBIN the ability to upload a text file. If there is a size limit, it needs to be large enough to handle files several hundreds of lines long where many lines are well over 80 characters (again, example: journalctl output). I, and I believe others, would also appreciate the ability to upload images (screen captures).

I do realize that this can't be done in a matter of minutes, or even hours. But I believe it would be a much appreciated and much used enhancement. It looks like Fedora PASTEBIN is a Fedora instance of some other product ("modernpaste"?). So I realize that this enhancement request might have to go "upstream".

By the way, what is the current size limit on a Fedora PASTEBIN posting? And how much can be pasted in per CTRL-V?


P.S.: Yahoo apparently did something late yesterday that is preventing me from accessing my e-mail. I will have to look here in the pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues for follow-up questions / comments until yahoo fixes their e-mail.

There is a command called fpaste which is in Fedora which can do this. Does this help?

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2 years ago

I will give it a try and let you know. Thank-you. - Bill.

Hmmm... I did not know about "fpaste".

I tried it; it worked.

Important question: Now how do I delete that paste? The "fpaste" command does not give me a deactivation token. I do want what I just fpasted deleted as soon as is practical.


Currently the fpaste client does not have a way to get the deactivate key. That is being worked on. Because of this and other items, all pastes currently only last 1 week.

I am closing this as fixed with what we have currently. Improved tooling will help but needs to be dealt with outside of the ticket format.

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2 years ago

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