#6146 users@lists.fedoraproject.org threads unthreaded?
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For the past several months, I've done most of my viewing and posting to
users@lists.fedoraproject.org via the "fedora HYPERKITTY" web site
rather than by viewing things through Thunderbird. It's easier to read
and follow, and use (post to). Until very late last month...

For the past several days, I've seen messages displayed in threads two or
more times, messages that I've sent not showing up, and messages in a
thread out of order.

The web site is public; no login needed to view threads. Look at the most recent threads to view the problems.

It was suggested by Kevin Fenzi that I post this issue here.

@abompard can you take a look?

(note that abompard is away on holiday so it may be a bit before he can look into things).

I definitely see the behavior here as well. It might be related to recent memcached changes that were made to improve caching.

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6 years ago

I am seeing this as well.

Seems like instead of a reply to original message, duplicate of original message is shown instead.

I'm back, I'll have a look right now.

I'm having trouble finding an example of this, could you post here a link to a thread where the issue appears? Thanks!

@abompard: this fixes itself later, but it happens mostly just after follow-up emails in a thread get sent by the same person that sent an earlier email.
So if person X sends email A, then person Y sends email B and then person X sends email C, the archive interface will show emails A, B, A for a little while.
My theory would be that the caching key used to cache the emails is not specific enough?

Ah, I'll investigate that, thanks.

Late last week, I noticed that the problems reported in this issue seemed to be gone. Same last night, but yahoo e-mail wouldn't let me report it. This morning, I found my way back to this Fedora issues site. This morning, I still don't see any problems with the Fedora Users list and with the Fedora-join list. I don't know who did what, but the problems appear (to me) to be fixed!


OK, I think I know why. It's not a caching problem, it's because there's an analysis task that used to be synchronous and is now async, so for a brief period of time you see emails in a not-entirely-random-but-pretty-messed-up order. Of course, how "brief" this period is depends on the server load.
I'll work around that for now, but a proper fix would require a (minor) schema change.

ok, cool. Shall we close this in favor of an upstream bug to do that?

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6 years ago

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