#610 Add a way to generate category-based indexes/tables in the wiki

Created 9 years ago by nim
Modified 4 years ago

Please add some extension to the fedora wiki so it's possbile to construct clean indexes of pages in one or several category.

(Categorytree, DynamicPageList, whatever you prefer)

I want to move the huge difficult to maintain font pipeline to dynamic indexes (wishlist, packaged, etc)

(18:10:28) nim-nim: do we have the categorytree installed in the wiki?
(18:12:03) nim-nim: or DynamicPageList?
(18:14:00) nim-nim: or anything similar?
(18:14:10) nim-nim: ianweller, ricky, G ???
(18:21:00) sonargal est d├ęsormais connu sous le nom de Sonar_Gal
(18:34:56) ianweller: no, not that i know of
(18:43:20) nim-nim: so we have nothing :(
(18:45:58) ianweller: if you wanna request that we add an extension, i'd add a ticket to fedora-infrastructure
(18:52:18) ricky_ est d├ęsormais connu sous le nom de ricky
(18:54:08) nim-nim: ianweller: I wanna request any extension that allows building indexes or trees from categories
(18:54:20) nim-nim: including multi-category matches
(18:54:26) ianweller: go ahead and add a ticket, i'll find something
(18:54:34) nim-nim: ok
(18:54:39) ianweller: its just a good idea for me to have something assigned to me so i feel like i need to get it done, instead of putting it off
(18:54:49) nim-nim: I don't care what solution you prefer as long as there is one

accepting ticket

I'm not sure about the progress of this. if it is still in progress leave it open. Moving to F11.

not going to be able to get this in before F11 but will be able to work on it over the summer.

Many thanks, but can it be deployed in the Fedora wiki now?

reassigning to mmcgrath who knows more of what is required to get the extension in production.

I will look into packaging DynamicPageList, as CategoryTree upstream seems to be dead.

This has now been deployed to staging.

An example of this has been added at: https://stg.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/RecentChanges

This has now been pushed to production/main wiki.


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