#6066 Deploy Pagure instance to stage tests to be submitted to Fedora
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There is an effort within Red Hat QE to upstream some of the tests that were written to run against RHEL and submit them to Fedora so that those test cases can catch more issues in Fedora.

As part of this effort, we need a place to start submitting these tests and work on them as part of the process of working with Fedora maintainers to hopefully get the tests included in Fedora dist-git repositories.

The current plan is to deploy a cloud instance at 'upstreamfirst.fedorainfracloud.org' and have pagure running on that instance to hold the testcases. We're expecting around 400 testcases and our hope is that the need for those repos is not long term otherwise we'd be looking at a more permanent option.

This is a tracking ticket for this deployment process.

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5 years ago

Can we close this now? Seems it's deployed... and hopefully working...

Yeah, this is deployed and working. I had some other questions before closing this but those have now been answered

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5 years ago

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