#6008 Ambassador map is not marking people in right place.
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See https://fedoraproject.org/membership-map/ambassadors.html

When I click icons in China, I only see Gerard Braad is right. When click other icons, it will show up someone from US.
Icons in Taiwan and Vietnam are right. I did not try other places.

So please fix this. Thanks.

I tested a few accounts, and they are placed at the places they have set in their FAS accounts.
So if any data is incorrect, you should contact the owners of the accounts to update their information in the account system.

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2 years ago

Well, see the picture I attached. It shows Karsten is marked as US, but the icon is shown in China.

Yes, correct.
That is two pieces of info in the same account system: one is their country, the other is their latitude/longitude.
For Karsten, his country is set to US, but lat/long are set to the position that is displayed on the map.

So he would need to update the lat/long in his account.

Ah, get the point. Can you point out where to set the latitude ? I did not see it in fas.

When you log in, click My Account on the left, and then click Edit.

You're welcome. Let us know if you have further questions.

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