#5971 Updating nagios infrastructure to using jinja templates
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This is a project ticket to cover the creation and implementation of using ansible jinja templates to help automate the updating of nagios checks.

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3 years ago

1. Take old nagios and try to build out templates to cover how systems are added or removed from the system. <<done>>
2. Implement a proof of concept in staging <<done>>
3. Determine problems with doing it in staging.
a. staging can't see all hosts.
b. many variables need to be set globally to test if something has a service or not.
c. various old tests are useless.
4. Build a better system in production to do development work on
a. put in the variables in various plays as in
b. Figure out how to do large scale systems with no ansible inventory entries
c. Build out better replacement servicegroups so monitoring is easer.


And... we forgot to close it. ;)


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2 years ago

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