#5817 ML cwg-private@ doesn't seem to have archives
Closed: Fixed 7 years ago Opened 7 years ago by bex.

If, on the scale of 1..10 (easy..hard) it is a 5 or less to restore the archives for the cwg-private@ list and grant me access please do so.

@mattdm is on PTO this week, if you need his input.

I serve as the FCAIC and need this access to help with my role.

Thank you.

@abompard can you take a look? If we have copies of the mailman2 archives still we should be able to import them. If you don't, I can look at old backups and probably find them.

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

I've kept the old HTML archives, but the directory for cwg-private is empty. Were there any archives to begin with? (maybe the list was configured not to archive emails?)

Indeed. Looking at it, it was/is set to no archive.

So, I guess there's nothing we can do here.


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